Paramount research services is your Mintvisory, we can say this because ‘research’ is the soul which works behind our success and our client’s success too. Our main focus is on consistently developing and delivering high quality and high precision financial products and services to our customers which leads to create various opportunities of earnings for our clients. This is possible with quality research and grip on the factors responsible for the movements of the market. Our customers finds the best researches provided by the team of experts in the company. This is a great reason behind high conversion and retention rate of our clients. At Paramount, we use to deliver our researches to our clients mainly in three forms:

Agri (agriculture based Market)

Commodity Market

Equity Market

All the above mentioned reports are based on a particular market except one – SPECIAL REPORT. This report covers all the main markets and deliver precise report based on each market.

Daily reports:

It contains daily updates of the market. Our clients can use it for Intraday trading and as they want to use them…

Weekly Reports:

These reports published on Monday, first day of the week to deliver ideas about weekly movement of the market…

Paramount understands that financial market contains high risk and therefore, we dedicate more than 70% of the revenues toward its research, and improving the standard of its research practices. This expertise is achieved through regular/consistent up-gradations, training, sessions and development of top of the line software subscriptions.



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